Design and Build a Product People Will Love
If you want to learn:
  • How to discover a BIG problem to solve where your customers have the most severe pain.
  • ​Design a user experience that helps your customers accomplish their goals.
  • ​How to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by  prioritizing the things that drive growth and revenue.
  • Beat out your competition by developing a winning product strategy and competitive advantage.
How Do Successful Startups Build Their Products?
The Full Cycle Methodology teaches you how to discover and build solutions to your customers' toughest problems
Find Your Tribe
Learn how to understand your customers and their problem domain. When you begin to see the world from their perspective, you will open the door to new opportunities.
Find The Opportunity
Dive deep into specific problems and how to solve them better than others in the market today. Answer the fundamental question: "What game am I playing and how 
am I going to win?"
Find The Solution
Develop the customer journey and get ready to take your idea beyond your inner circle. Set up a conversion funnel and watch as your solution resonates with your market to generate sales.
Because They Don't Solve a Real Problem or 
They Fail to Execute Effectively
Too many startup founders begin with an idea and jump straight into execution without validating their idea in the market early and often. When they release their product, it doesn't resonate with their target users. As the founders continue to pivot in search of product-market fit, they burn cash until they eventually run out. 

Building a technology product today costs, on average, $50,000 to $250,000 for the first releaseThe amount of time and money wasted in the tech industry is staggering.  

I wrote this book because I’ve seen too many founders go down this path to ruin. I’ve dedicated my life to tackling this problem head on. 

In this book I’ll show you the philosophy, frameworks, and tools you can use to drastically increase your chance of success by decreasing the cost of development and ensuring you’re building a product that solves an urgent need.

  • Find Your Tribe: Identify and understand the group of people for whom you have the most passion and ability to solve their most urgent problems.
  • ​Find the Opportunity: Dive deeply into their world to understand the biggest problems that aren't being suitably addressed by existing solutions.
  • ​Develop the Concept: Work through a tested framework to come up with new and innovative solutions.
  • ​Validate Your Solution: Gather real market data to make sure you have product-market fit before you spend your first dollar on development.
  • ​Designing the Right User Experience: Design the most streamlined and effective user experience to create activated and engaged customers.
  • ​Developing Your MVP: Drive product development towards rapid release and iteration to ensure you get traction and feedback quickly and cost-effectively.
  • ​Creating a User-Centered Organization: As your team grows, create an organization that is passionate and motivated to deliver customer-value.
  • ​Agile Product Development: Implement a process of experimentation and tight feedback loops to ensure you're always building the right things. 
  • ​Data-Driven Product Strategy: Capture and analyze user data to make fast and accurate product decisions.
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Proven Results
Here's Why Founders Love Full Cycle Product Development
"This course is a must for anyone who is considering founding or joining a startup. Eric lays out a clear actionable framework to set you up with the best possible chance of success and to avoid the pitfalls that catch so many founders while searching for that elusive product market fit."
Robert Swisher
"With this course, Eric Weiss offers up his deep product development expertise to help early stage entrepreneurs to avoid the risk and expense of building the wrong thing. This course provides a clear process of experimentation to discover and solve a big problem."
Scott Holcombe
"The insights I've gained from this course have inspired me to review and adjust our internal product processes. Eric paints a clear picture of what separates the failures from the successes, and gives you all the tools and context you need to build the best product."
Vladimir Baranov
Eric has a very deep knowledge when it comes to product, UX, and strategy. Learning from Eric has completely transformed the way I approach our product strategy and processes. Applying our learnings from Eric helps us be more agile and focus on what matters."
Zak Meftah
Meet The Author
Eric Weiss
Eric Weiss has been building technology products and leading highly-effective development teams for over 15 years.

He’s coached and lead dozens of companies, from fledgling startups to Fortune 100 companies, adding millions in annual revenue and raising over $25 Million dollars.
  • Lead massive development projects worth billions of dollars, including the Sony Playstation 3 and Qualcomm's $9 Billion technology licensing platform
  • Co-founded and lead development teams in aviation, healthcare, health and fitness, cleantech, and real estate
  • Now a high-level consultant and speaker at world class events
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